As a part of Kremfest 2019, we’re presenting VR short films from around the globe, along with our UpLiftVR “Maiden Flight Balloon Ride” and “High Desert Eclipse” on Saturday, September 21st.

With Kremfest submissions from all over, you’ll get to live the different realities envisioned in the mind’s eye of several virtual creators, presented to you in an HTC Vive or an Oculus GO.

“All Around You'' takes you on a futuristic abstract musical flight that lands you in Times Square. For a spooky autumn celebration, be summoned by a gothic coven deep in the forest in “Blood Sisters”. Become the Canine in Chief piloting a spacecraft while fighting off aliens, in the charming animated short “Space Chase with Spot!”. Get a private audience from your favorite drag performer turned virtual avatar during “Ready Hunty One”.

Finally, in unsettling vignettes, you only have “7 Lives” to experience coming to terms with one's demise. This surreal thriller comes from France via NYC’s Tribeca Film Festival.

State of the art VR recording of Kremfest by InfinityQuest Live Streaming Video and SIXR (Simulated Immersive eXperimental Realities) will also be taking place throughout the festival so that you can relive those builds and drops in HD 360 video after the fest! 

VR & 360 Film Lineup

  • All Around You • Music Video • Cristiano Adiutori / Mike Ziga • 6 min • USA

  • Blood Sisters • 3d Surreal Thriller • Cullen, Sands, Mansfield • 3.5 min • USA

  • Space Chase w/ Spot! • Animated Comedy Short • R. Rogers • 2:54 min • USA

  • Ready Hunty One • VR Animation Dance • Cerenzia, Tayengco • 15 min • USA

  • 7 Lives • Ghostly Thriller • Ayats, Calvo, Kounen • 17 min • France

  • High Desert Eclipse • Documentary • James & Jackson • 6.5 min • USA

  • Maiden Flight • Interactive VR • James & Jackson • 3.5 min • USA