VR Maker Dome, SIXR and Infinity Quest Present VR Experiences sponsored by Vuze Cameras and Wondertek Labs

As a part of Kremfest 2018 we will be presenting VR short films from around the world as well as UpliftVR ‘Maiden Flight’ Balloon Ride and High Desert Eclipse. Feel as though you are lifting into the heavens or witness the stars aligning in the very sky above without ever leaving the venue. Partake in the Symbion Project’s new music video, “Bloodthirsty”, take a look behind the scenes through the eyes of an 8 year old at the Hotel City Plaza, a self-organised refugee shelter in Athens in the short VR documentary, “Lionhearted”. Explore a deserted island in the VR short, “Walter”, or get a special treat from a sweetie in “Rocketman”. Just in time for Halloween and all the way from India experience a haunted seance in “Crackle”.

With content from Germany, Romania, India, and the USA, you’ll travel through the 4th dimension of time and space in a HTC Vive or an Oculus GO.

State of the art VR recording of Kremfest will also be taking place throughout the festival so you can relive those builds and drops in HD 360 video after the fest!