A multi-day celebration of forward-thinking electronic music & multimedia at the Kremwerk + Timbre Room Complex!  

Expect no-holds-barred music showcases, mind-bending virtual reality experiences, stunning art installations, and a few surprises...

More than a destination festival, where punters pay top dollar for flights and lodging, Kremfest was more of a local celebration, paying homage to a venue that has come to feel like home for so many within the Seattle music scene. With every party smashed together across one long weekend, I watched older lesbians, university-aged bassheads, Holy Ship! bros, heavily made-up drag queens and Mate-fueled techno diehards mingle and cut shapes together on the dance floor. That alone was worth the price of admission.
— Resident Advisor's Review of Last Year's Kremfest


VR Maker Dome, SIXR and Infinity Quest Present VR Experiences sponsored by Vuze Cameras and Wondertek Labs

As a part of Kremfest 2018 we will be presenting VR short films from around the world as well as UpliftVR ‘Maiden Flight’ Balloon Ride and High Desert Eclipse.

With content from Germany, Romania, India, and the USA, you’ll travel through the 4th dimension of time and space in a HTC Vive or an Oculus GO.

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Submit your VR work for a chance to be featured at Kremfest!