"Kinetoscope VR Presents Virtual Reality Experiences Sponsored By 4Culture Tech Specific"


The VR portion of Kremfest can be experienced in multiple locations throughout the venue with unique VR installations. Kremfest has received hundreds of submissions of footage hopeful to be included in the event, and has put together a curated playlist of both interactive and immersive content from all around the globe. From a light hearted trip to an amusement park, in the “How it Used to Be” by the Human Circuit to meditational pieces such as “Secret Detours” by Elke Reinhuber (Singapore) and playful mayhem such as the Seattle Debut of “Heart of Fartness” by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger; there is a something for everyone. Expect to travel out of this world, or deep into our own, with the VR 360 piece exploring the ocean’s plastic patches in award winning “Down to the Plastic Ocean” by Dan Aguar.


We are thrilled to have 4Culture’s TECH SPECIFIC as a Contributing Supporter of our VR Experiences. TECH SPECIFIC, Analog to digital, low-tech to high-tech, this grant is for anyone working at the intersection of art and tech—that means artists as well as programmers, designers, fabricators, developers, engineers, tinkerers, and makers of all kinds.


Experience live interactive digital painting, 360 VR content from creators from around the world, international and local electronic music and more at Kremfest, September 21st - 24th!